Fourier Playground

Mix Sine-Waves of different frequencies and see what happens!

Generate Series:

Frequency Amplitude Phase



Technically this is an inverse fourrier transform.

How does this work?

Its actually quite simple!
Any Signal can be created throug the summation of sine waves with different frequencies and phases. That's what a fourrier Transform is all about. Read more about it here.

Here, every sine-wave is represented as a vector with an amplitude (length), frequency (rotation speed) and phase (starting rotation), which you can see on the left. These vectors are rotated by a certain ammount every frame, based on their frequency. Afterwards all of them are summed (start of one at the tip of the previous one) together and the vertcal position at the tip of the last one is drawn.

A MUCH better explaination of fourrier series and transforms can be found here. And please do check out all of this guy's other videos!