Julian Kandlhofer

Welcome to my Site!

Photo of my Face

Hi, I'm Julian!

I'm a student at HTL-Hollabrunn and an electronics and software enthusiast.

Here are some of my skills:

  • Programming
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Python
    • C++
  • Networking
    • Ubuntu Server
    • Docker
    • pfSense
  • Electronics
    • Soldering
    • Microcontrollers (Arduino, ARM Cortex M3)

If you want more detail, have a look at my LinkedIn page which is listed in the next Section!


In my free time I often make stuff for entertainment or to learn something. Check it out:

Fourier Playground

A visualization of Fourier series you can play around with.

Sample Screenshot

Lissajous Generator

A visualization of lissajous-figures.

Game Screenshot

Asteroid Dodger

A simple game where the player has to avoid getting hit by asteroids.

Game Screenshot

Snake Game

Just Snake.

Game Screenshot

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